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  • What is unrd?

    Unrd is an app that gives you access to real time chat stories. When you start a story, you’ll have access to a fictional characters phone and receive messages, videos and photos on their phone - all in real time. Over a series of days, a story will unfold - it could be a horror, a crime story, or even romance. unrd is available on ios and android.

  • How do I read stories on unrd?

    Reading stories is simple, simply click on the a story you want to read on the homepage and press the start button. Once the video has played, you’ll have access to a characters phone. You can read their messages, watch videos and sometimes interact with conversations. Over the following days you’ll receive notifications when someone has sent a new message. To read the conversations, simply click the notifications and it will take you into that conversation. It’s important you allow unrd to send you notifications else you won’t be able to experience the story in real time.

  • Can I read more than one story on unrd?

    Currently, you can only read on story at a time on unrd. However, if for whatever reason you want to change what story you’re reading, you can pause it. To do this click the unrd logo in the top right hand corner and pause the story. This will then take you back to the homepage and you can pick another story. If you want to carry on a reading story you’ve paused, simply go on your profile page and resume it. You can access your profile by clicking on the menu on the top right on the homepage, and clicking profile.

  • How do I unlock conversations?

    Some of the conversations in unrd are locked. You can unlock these with keys. To do this, click on the conversation you want to unlock and use the keys to unlock it. If you don’t have enough keys to unlock it, you’ll need to buy keys to do so. TIP: if you don't want to buy keys, share the app with your friends. When they enter your referral code, you’ll both get 6 free keys!

  • How do I write for unrd?

    We bring on a select few writers to work with the unrd writing team every year. Writers need to have extensive experience in either games narratives or writing for movies. If this sounds like you, send an email to support and they can put you in touch with our storytelling team.

    You can contact support on

  • How to buy keys

    To buy keys you can either click on a locked conversation and purchase keys if you don’t have enough, or buy them from the keys page. To get to the keys page, click the menu on the top right on the homepage, then click keys.

  • How many keys can I buy?

    You can buy as many keys as you like. The more you buy, the better value for money you get.

  • How can I earn free keys?

    You can earn free keys by sharing the app with your friends. You can do this when the app asks you to buy keys.

  • My payment isn’t processing / hasn’t been accepted

    Make sure you’ve got an up to date card on file with Apple or Google. Usually the issue is related to this and / or lack of funds. If this isn’t the case, contact support.

  • I’ve paid but the conversation is still locked

    First, check if your payment has been accepted by Apple or Google. You’ll usually get a receipt for this in your email inbox. If the problem persists, contact support.

  • I’m not receiving notifications

    Check in your phone and app settings that notifications are on. Occasionally, Android devices restrict the amount of notifications an app can send, so you’ll need to switch this setting off.

  • The videos, voice notes or images won’t load

    First, check you’re on wifi or have a strong internet connection. If the problem persists contact our team with what story you’re on and what the day is, they’ll be able to help.

  • I’m stuck in a story, I don’t know the answer to a problem / login screen

    Some of the stories require you to put your detective skills to work! You’ll need to google the answer or look through other content in the story to find the answer. If you’re still struggling, contact the team and we might give you the answer ;)



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